Mini Size & Maximum Power

The minimax charger was designed to take the hassle, stress and danger out of those flat battery nightmares. 

If your cellphone or tablet is dead or your car won't start, you might think you're out of luck. Think again. 

No need for dangerous jumper cables or asking an unknown passer by for help. Now you can get instant charge in any situation.

The minimax charger utilises advanced cobalt lithium technology to instantly charge almost any small device and even has the power to jump-start a car, truck or boat*. 

Don't get stranded again - try the MiniMax now!

Note -*minimax will not charge your car battery, it will jump start only. 200+ crank amp output is sufficient for 3.0L Petrol or 2.5L Diesel vehicle.

To order call 1800 477 777